Video Help
Higher resolution videos play at a high data rate and are very CPU intensive. They may not play smoothly on older or slower computers.

If the video stutters during playback on your computer we recommend that you close all other applications and programs down so that your computer can just concentrate on playing the high definition videos.

Windows Users:
Download the latest version of Windows Media Player to play the videos with.

You should also try the free version of Zoom Player which is an excellent media player.
When you play a video with Zoom Player you can change the aspect ratio by right clicking on the screen whilst the video plays and then select "aspect ratio". Usually the "source" aspect is the best, but you can also experiment by trying the "derived" aspect and the "full screen" aspect.

Mac Users:
Mac users should be able to play our WMV files by downloading these Window Media Players for Mac users:

Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X

Windows Media Player 7.1 for Mac

The Windows Media videos are playable on Macintosh computers using the Windows Media Player for Macintosh. However Windows Media does not play as efficiently on a Mac as does Quicktime or as efficiently as Windows media on a PC. Because of this, playback of higher resolution videos may stutter on some older or slower Mac computers.

It is possible to play .wmv files in your Quicktime player on Mac. You just need to download the Flip4Mac software.
With the Flip4Mac software you can play WMV videos much more efficiently in the Quicktime player than in the Windows Media Player for Mac and eliminate stuttering of high data rate videos.
Note that the free trial download will only play video files to the half way point. Buying the software activates the entire video.