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We will try to reply to all e-mails within 8 hours. If you haven't received a reply from us after 24 hours please e-mail us again as it's most likely that we haven't received your e-mail.

If you're a member of Downblouse Loving and you are contacting us about your account, please let us know what your username is when you contact us.
Frequent questions
I'm a member and can't login. What's the quickest way to fix this?
Please visit our Password Problem page. Hopefully this will help you solve the problem.

If you still can't login, please e-mail us at and we'll try to help.
Please let us know what your username is.

We reply to all emails as quickly as possible, but it could take up to 8 hours for a reply.
What is your policy on the use of download managers?
We recommend that members don't use download managers. Not only can they help slow the server down for other members but it's most likely that your IP will get blocked by our security system for over use of bandwidth. This is not necessarily that you are using too much bandwidth but more often not our security system miscalculates how much bandwidth you are using and automatically blocks your IP for 6 hours. Members have a daily bandwidth of allowance of 35 gigs.

If your IP gets blocked more than a few times it will then be blocked for 12 hours by the security system. We will always unblock your IP for you if you contact us but we can't always reply straightaway and it's possible that you could have to wait up to 6 to 8 hours before your IP is unblocked.

Please note: You can download more than one video at a time with your browser without your IP being blocked as long as you are not using a download manager.
Where’s the link to the members self-help page to have a new password e-mailed to me?
Self Help Page.
Don’t forget to use the e-mail address that you used to sign up to Downblouse Loving with as it will only work with that e-mail address.
I want to cancel my account. What do I need to do?
You can cancel your account directly through CCBill. Click here.

If you have any problems cancelling your subscription just e-mail us at and tell us your username and we will cancel your subscription for you. We will e-mail you back as soon as we have done this.