About Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving is a video site focusing mainly on Downblouse and boob videos. There are no photos, just videos.
Most of our videos are in HD quality as we've been filming with a wonderful professional video camera (Canon XF300). This camera is on the approved list of the BBC for its HD Channels so it's that good.


Downblouse Loving was created in 2009 and we plan to keep it running for many years. Before Downblouse Loving we had a site called Only Looking which was quite popular. Some of the old Only Looking videos have been added to Downblouse Loving as bonus videos.


All the videos are filmed by one man (Marlowe). It was Marlowe who created Only Looking in 2003. The webmaster of Downblouse Loving is Adam and he's always at hand to reply to e-mails and to help in any way he can.


For quite a few years we added other types of videos to Downblouse Loving such as upskirt and panty videos. But around May 2017 we stopped adding bonus content so that we could instead focus more on what the site was originally about which of course is downblouse. Since then we have been adding more downblouse videos than each week than ever before. All the many thousands of bonus videos are still in the member section available to stream or download.


Downblouse Loving continues to film models in the unique "Only Looking" style. It's quite different to how most sites film models. We try to film in as naturalistic style as possible so that the videos seem as realistic as possible. We coach our models into acting in a natural way as if they are talking to you directly like you were there in front of them. Often there is teasing element to our videos where the models are aware that you are looking at them and getting turned on. Sometimes though they will tell you off for perving at them. We also film lots of videos in a style that we have termed "the invisible man" style. The idea here is that you the viewer are invisible so you can look at the models in any way you like and can come as close as you like with your eyes popping out in front of the model�s cleavage or down their blouses or just right in front of their boobs.


We will continue to strive for perfection in our filming and to offer each week a wide variety of video scenes for our members to enjoy.